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Word of mouth

I was a professional cyclist for 17 years, representing and captaining the South African National Cycling Team for 11 years. During my career, I raced in over 28 different countries, doing around 70 race days per year.

After 17 years as a cyclist, I did the unthinkable and changed over to ultra-trail running.

With the mentality and physical ‘engine’ that professional cycling had provided me with, I put this same work ethic and vigour into my running. Naturally, (and much to my disgust) the injuries started – from calf strain to patella tendonitis to shin muscle strain to pain in my Achilles tendons and feet, I experienced them. As a cyclist, I had my fair share of injuries but these were mainly as a result of crashing – the usual broken bones and road rash. Sure, broken bones would take you of action for 3 weeks, but these running injuries stopped me in my tracks altogether – often resurfacing after long periods of rest.

Earlier this year, and at my wits end, I was referred to Adrian Stevens. Imagine my consternation when after my first visit as a result of suffering with patella tendonitis for 3 months – the consultation lasted 20 minutes and resulted in a wedge of newspaper being put in my shoe and a prescription of ‘don’t rest, running with this wedge will make you better’ coming from Adrian. 10 days later, I was cured.

Since then, I’ve had a few more injuries as a result of going out of ‘balance’ – I do run on average anything from 80 to 180 km’s per week so it’s be expected. Every time though, after a tune-up by Adrian, the injury seems to disappear after 7 to 10 days.

And the best part – (which is music to my ears every time), ‘No need to rest, running with this wedge will make you better’! As a result, I’ve had very little ‘down time’ this year and have just concluded the best month of a relatively short running career with 2 third place overall results at the Cape Town Ultra (100 km’s with 4200m of climbing) and the Salomon Sky Run (100km’s with 5000m of climbing).

I’ve seen a lot of doctors and physio’s in my time and they all seem to treat the symptoms. Adrian treats the cause. Hard work alone would not have elevated me to my current level of running – running injury free with the help of Adrian has done that.

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