Sports Physiotherapy

Reducing Injuries and Enhancing Performance

Understanding Sports Physiotherapy

When it comes to sport of any kind, professional and amateur, the demands placed on the body are enormous and if you to regularly push yourself to the edge of what is physically possible, you are putting stress on muscles, joints, ligaments and bones. This stress is greater than the usual wear and tear of normally active people.

Injuries and overuse weaknesses caused during training can lead to more serious long-term and even permanent damage that affects your performance and also your ability to recover optimally. Our approach to sports physiotherapy focuses not only on the injuries particular to a certain sport, but aims to help you avoid and prevent problems in the first place, so that you can keep delivering a peak performance.  We are passionate about your performance and helping you stay at your peak and become an important part of your overall training programme. A holistic approach to treatment is fundamental to successful outcomes and a serious injury may need a combination of techniques to ensure full recovery.  We believe that we should “cure the cause. Not the complaint”. The difference in our approach is we treat you – not your x-ray – because you are not your scan nor your MRI.

What Sports Physiotherapy Treats

  • Muscle strain and tears
  • Running injuries and gait
  • Biomechanical insufficiencies
  • Sports related back and neck injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries

What To Expect

Our role is to help your body unlock its own innate ability to heal itself; we are the facilitators in your wellness process. Our sports physiotherapy aims to find the cause of your injury and bring about balance and harmony so your body can heal itself from whatever injury has been diagnosed. We believe in curing the cause and not the complaint, so as with sports physiotherapy and all the other modalities, it’s important to combine them to get the best result. Your first appointment is an hour and follow ups are 30mins. You will not be required to undress for the treatment.

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