START ™… Getting Better!

Our nervous system responds to stresses. With time this can develop into what we call Sympathetic Dominance, where we are stuck in “Fight or Flight”.

START ™… Getting Better!


We treat Stress, Trauma and Residual Tension. Yes, the symptoms have names, often complicated ones! But they occur as a result of our bodies adaption to stress. Every day and every moment we are exposed to stress. It may be structural, bio-chemical, emotional or even energetic. Most likely it is all of these! This concept is often represented by what we call the “Triad of Health”.

Our nervous system responds to these stresses to keep us alive. With time this can develop into what we call Sympathetic Dominance, a situation where we are stuck in “Fight or Flight”. Think of the cat on the hot tin roof!! In this state we will exhibit symptoms, known and unknown, on all the levels of the Triad of Health. So it’s no good putting a “band-aid” over the problem, or the fancy name, we need to help the nervous system function in a better state.

Three ways to help stress;


Take a few minutes break and focus on your breathing. Sit upright with your eyes closed. Slowly breathe in through your nose, deep into your abdomen and then slowly breathe out through your mouth. This has the effect of slowing your heart rate and lowering your blood pressure.


All forms of exercise, even a brisk walk helps the brain release feel-good chemicals. Be present during your exercise, “smell the roses”.


Magnesium is often deficient in our modern diet and we burn up even more while coping with stress. A good Magnesium or Trace Mineral supplement can be really useful.



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